Ten Things I Love!!



  1. My darling GrandDolly
  2. Three day weekends
  3. Rainy days with a good book or new skein of yarn
  4. The smell of new cotton fabric
  5. Doves cooing in the spring morning
  6. A good stretch before getting out of bed
  7. Saturday lunch with my daughter and GrandDolly
  8. Sitting on the sofa with Sweet Baboo reading or knitting, without the tube on, just listening to the quiet.
  9. A brand new composition notebook with a brand new Bic pen
  10. Pushing myself to walk farther or exercise longer than I did yesterday or the day before.

Ten on Tuesday — come try, it’s fun!!


2 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love!!

  1. Wonderful list–personal and universal. I had mourning doves that stayed around my back yard in Chicago year round and I’m sure their calling to each other lowered my blood pressure considerably. And a new pen and pad, ahhh thanks for the reminder to find good things in the daily.
    Have a lovely weekend.

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