More of the white stuff


Well, the meteorologists are probably high fiving themselves. New England is taking a direct hit with this snow event. In my little corner of CT, we have about 4 inches, with a warning that it could be up to 8. Jeesh.

I know that forecasting in New England is iffy at best. Ocean currents, jet stream, southerly breezes all combine to give the (ahem) forecasters several different weather event options from their computer models. More jeesh.

I think the problem is that the new stations give them way too much time to fill up. Did you ever notice how many times they repeat themselves? And they all seem to have catch phrases that will crop up several times during the segment. For instance, my favorite weather forecaster (okay, make that the only one that I watch, at least right now) has a habit of saying “no question”. “No question, there will be frigid temperatures today with the wind chill.” “Severe thunderstorms will result from this cold front colliding with our warm, moisture laden air, no question.” This phrase is starting to be more annoying than when someone asks a question and then answers it themselves. “Do I think it will rain today? No question.” I think I will send her some different catch phrases to use. Without doubt ..Most certainly …Definitely …Unequivocally …Indubitably

On the up side, it’s February and people don’t seem to pay as much attention to the storm mongers as they did in November and December. Which, of course, makes the weather twits jump higher and make even more noise in a bid to draw in a larger audience.

I wonder when they will figure out that the way to get the best rating is to calmly and logically not over forecast the weather? I can always hope they will get a clue.

Jeesh. And oy.


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