Spring-Like Dawn Sockie Update (Sigh)


This yarn has made me into a frogging fool.

My first attempt resulted in a sock with ladders (small ones, but ladders just the same) at the junction of the circular needles. Ripped it down to just past the ladders and started again. Mood is still happy. Wouldn’t do to have socks with flaws like that.

lovebird close up

Second restart — had maybe 4 rows done on gusset, tried it on and realized that my gauge was off — way off. Ripped it back to the cuff. Mood is on the fence — love the yarn but afraid I won’t be able to see well enough switching to size 1’s.

Third try — bit the bullet and changed to size 1 needles. Almost to the heel and noticed that I had dropped a stitch WAY the heck down the leg. Rats and curses. No way was I going after that with a crochet hook.  Wasn’t happy with a couple of small blemishes either that probably could have been blocked out anyway. Mood has crashed. Chocolate ice cream is not far off.

Today’s version — using size 1 needles. Paying extreme attention to needles and checking every row for dropped stitches. No ladders that I am noticing. Haven’t reached the heel flap yet, but seemed okay around the leg when I tried it on. So far, so good. Mood is optimistic.

If I didn’t love this yarn and colorway so much, this could become unpleasant. Back to the sticks. Film at 11.


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