Sure makes a person wonder


I try to be open minded and believe that everything happens for a reason. Not necessarily my reasons, but reasons nonetheless.

Case in point: our Sadie Doodah kittie has had a mild upper respiratory thingy for a couple of days. I mentioned to Sweet Baboo this morning before I left for work that we probably should call the vet and try to get her in that day. He thought that she would be okay, and that we would just watch her for the next few days. No problemo, she’s his cat anyhoo, so off to work I go.

The plan today was to pick up Darling Daughter and GrandDolly after I got off work at 12 and we were going to check out Finders Keepers, a toy and fun stuff store that we frequent. About 11 DD called and said that GrandDolly hadn’t had a nap yet, and we all know from past experience what that means. So I told her to go ahead and nap her and I would stop at Finders Keepers and look for the items that we had talked about. It’s been bucketing rain today anyway, not a great day to take GrandDolly out.

After work, I drive back to my little town and get off the exit for Finders Keepers, which shares it’s parking lot with a motorcycle dealership. Would you believe there were NO parking spots? It probably could hold 20 to 25 cars, but the only slot open was way over on the other side of the motorcycle place. I thought about it for about one minute, then said nah, I’ll come back another day.

When I walk in the kitchen, the first thing I see is Sadie’s little bowl that we give her about 1 tbsp of milk in a day. It still had milk in it. She also likes a few pieces of her food on the floor around her bowl. They were still there too. Not a good sign.

Called the vet. Keep in mind it’s 12:40 by this time. They close at 1:00. Explained my problem extremely quickly and the nice young lady said that if I got there before 1:00 I would be charged for a regular office visit, whereas if I got there after 1:00, it would be considered an emergency visit.

Can I tell you how fast I changed, grabbed my wallet, grabbed the cat carrier and grabbed Sadie, (Poor Sadie, she saw that carrier and freaked. Her usual response.) threw her in the car and then raced to the other side of town? Got there with time to spare. The vet confirmed the upper respiratory thingy and gave me some antibiotic drops for her for the next week. Lungs and heart are fine, just her nose congested and a sore throat. No fever. Whew.

The boiled down version: if I had stayed later at work as had I planned to, and if I had gone to the store with DD and GD, or if I had taken that parking spot on the other side of the motorcycle building, I wouldn’t have gotten home in time to get to the vet and would have worried like crazy all weekend until Monday. Or paid extra to have the vet take a look at her as an emergency call. Yeah, life can be funny. Makes a person wonder.


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