Ten on Tuesday — 10 Favorite Drinks



  1. Frozen Margaritas with Jose Cuervo. And lots of salt! And a spoon to slurp it with!!
  2. Every now and the, a medium fountain Coke from MacDonald’s. Some days I just want something with a little pick!
  3. The water and ice out of my refrigerator door!! This ‘fridge is the first one that has the water and ice in the door, and if I had to give up that or my dishwasher, I think my dishwasher would lose!
  4. Lake & Lodge coffee from Green Mountain Coffee. I could drink that stuff until I positively vibrate from the caffeine!!
  5. The Christmas blend that Starbuck’s had this past Christmas. Soooo smmmoooooooooth……
  6. Canadian cream soda. Used to drink it all the time when I was a kid. Unlike cream soda in the states, in Canada it’s clear.
  7. Another every now and then — this time a milkshake from MacDonald’s. I only drink about 2 a year, so it’s a real treat when I have one.
  8. Sombreros. The real stuff with Kahlua and cream. About 300 calories and 15 grams of fat. And of course I can’t drink just one!! But oh so good.
  9. Iced tea. We drink buckets of it during the summer. Not the real stuff, the stuff in a can. Instant gratification!
  10. Real hot cocoa, not that stuff in packets. Drinking that packet stuff should be outlawed! Take the time to heat the milk and mix it with your favorite version of chocolate. It’s a great treat.

One thought on “Ten on Tuesday — 10 Favorite Drinks

  1. I got a gift of hot chocolate mix for Christmas and got on a kick of drinking it. I do love it every now and then! I also loved cream soda as a kid. Last time I had it it didn’t seem the same in an aluminum can from Wal Mart!!

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