Unconscious Mutterings #265


  1. Chemical :: Analysis
  2. Poker :: Face
  3. Federal :: Offense
  4. Mattress :: Giant
  5. Who am I? :: Me!
  6. Investigation :: look into
  7. In good hands :: Allstate
  8. 8:30 :: ish
  9. Creditors :: Have none
  10. Resource :: Renewable

One thought on “Unconscious Mutterings #265

  1. Oh I like the 8:30ish! And how clever of you to be debt-free. I keep trying to do that, but must not be sufficiently committed. Will try again.
    I enjoy reading everyone’s responses, even when we all come up with something like Allstate. I wonder if they know how deeply their ad campaign has penetrated the nation’s psyche?

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