March 15th Photo Hunt I Spy


I took this on a road from Alamogordo to Las Cruces, NM a few years ago. I got a few comments that the rock climber couldn’t be seen, even after clicking the picture to enlarge it. I’ve put another pic down below this one so they can be seen.


Rock Climbers


13 thoughts on “March 15th Photo Hunt I Spy

  1. Is there a wild cat perhaps? a bob cat?

    Mine is shared….I have two hidden things in two photos…drop by and see if you can find ’em, if you haven’t tried yet!! happy weekend….

  2. meeyauw

    oh i am having so much trouble with this theme; all the beautiful photos and i cannot find the hidden items! but i love seeing this beautiful canyon with the layers of rock and the shakes of red.

  3. Yep! I saw the one on the bottom before — but didn’t know it was a rock climber – thought maybe an animal! But now that I can enlarge it, I do see them both!

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