Sunday Scribblings #102 — Smorgasbord


Looking over the topics from this past year that are offered again this week, one in particular stood out — superstition!!!

One of the ladies that I work with has a superstition for just about any action you can name. She says it’s because she had an Irish mother and grandmother coupled with her Catholic school upbringing. Quite an arsenal they used to keep their children in line with fear.

If she is to be believed, this is just a short list of her do’s or don’t’s.

  • It’s very bad luck to put your shoes on a table — or a bed — or a chair — or anywhere other than the floor, apparently.
  • It’s very bad luck to lay down on your bed with the bedspread on — double the bad luck if you wear above mentioned shoes while laying down on the bed.
  • If a girl whistles, she will make the Virgin Mother cry. (Guess who drummed that one into her head!!) But if you’re a boy, it’s okay. Gotta love that double standard.
  • A good Catholic girl never wears black patent leather shoes with a skirt. That’s according to the nuns. Apparently if you are a Catholic girl, it’s possible for people to see your underwear reflected in the shine of your shoes.
  • If your right hand itches you will be meeting someone new. If your left hand itches you will be getting money.
  • If you suddenly shiver, it means someone has walked over your grave. (What the heck does that mean, anyway?)
  • If a bird flies into a window, someone who lives in the house will die soon.
  • If you go to church without a hat, you have to wear a tissue (???) on your head. (Honest, I couldn’t make that one up if I tried!!)
  • It’s bad luck to turn the page for the next month of a calendar before the current month has ended.
  • It’s also bad luck to rock a rocking chair without anybody in it.

Not being Catholic or Irish, I live to torment this poor woman — whistling is usually my weapon of choice, although I have stooped to taking off my shoes and putting them on the counter at work. Someday I’m going to show up at work with black patent leather shoes and a skirt!!!!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #102 — Smorgasbord

  1. i don’t hold to superstitions myself,, but the girls i work with are mexican,, and they have a list longer than this and live in constant fear of retaliations should they indulge in one of them… what a way to live!!!!

  2. Marcy,
    It’s only when superstitions rules your life that they become problematic. Some were born of practicality (usally helath related) but bastardized over time,
    You naughty tease, and what tune do you whistle for her?

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