10 Things You’re Looking Forward to in Spring


Jeepers, I can’t believe how late I am with this post this week!! It’s almost next Tuesday!!


  1. Walking around the yard looking for little green surprises coming up through the ground.
  2. The way the air smells. You know what I mean? It’s so fresh and has a particular smell to it.
  3. Longer days, shorter nights. Having more daylight later in the evening gives me so much more energy.
  4. Rainstorms. Just love waking up on a Saturday or Sunday and hearing the rain pour down through the rain gutters. Then rolling over and going back to sleep!!
  5. Watching Sweet Baboo work in the garden. I’ve been banned from it. I get poison ivy way too easy.
  6. Resuming my walking regimen. I’ve had to cut way back because of indoor allergies giving me sinus infections. Just drains the energy right out of me.
  7. Yellow and purple. Forsythia and crocuses.
  8. Spring birds yakking back and forth at each other. Between that sound and the smell of the air, spring has announced itself, at least in New England
  9. How everything looks so much cleaner because the yucky dirty snowbanks are gone.
  10. Knowing that summer is not far behind spring!!

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