Unconscious Mutterings #267


  1. Paranormal :: unexplained
  2. Alarm :: adrenaline surge
  3. Operative :: word
  4. Changing :: diapers
  5. Framed :: by the coppers
  6. Beer :: none for me thanks
  7. Referral :: doctor
  8. Unmasked :: secret identity
  9. Movie star :: Cary Grant
  10. Handbook :: do’s and don’ts

4 thoughts on “Unconscious Mutterings #267

  1. Awww — we matched on one. My dh played along in my blog and you don’t match with any of his.

    Just noticed you knit — I could never learn how to do that but I love hand knitted items. Yes, and we live in New England too so there is a match that is off the board!

    Have a great week!

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