Little Project Bag-ettes


These two little bags turned out pretty well. They are both about 9 inches tall, but one is a little smaller in diameter than the other. Not by choice. I measured and cut before I measured, measured again, and then cut. (Sigh) You’d think I’d learn after awhile.

Project bag

This is the smaller of the two, my second attempt. I was going to use it as a lunch bag, but now I think I will use the other one because it’s bigger. I’ll be using this one for my knitting.

First bag

And this is the former project bag now promoted to lunch bag. I took off the other drawstrings that I had originally put on and replaced them with bias tape. Then I disassembled some of my jewelry for the beads. The price one pays for creativity…….

I’ll probably make 6 or 7 more of these before my obsession with them finally peaks. Then I’ll be off to something else that catches my fancy.


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