Blog Talkers #65


Flowers. Do you like flowers? When is the last time you received flowers? When is the last time you sent someone flowers? Do you think purchasing flowers is a waste of money? Do you garden? What is your favorite flower?

I love getting flowers — the last ones that I got were in basket for Easter from the docs that I work for. It contained a hyacinth and a handful of tiny yellow jonquils. I’ll be able to plant them after they have gone by and enjoy them again next year in the spring. The last time SB gave me flowers was Valentine’s Day – one red rose (he’s heard me on my soapbox proclaiming to all and sundry the insult of overpriced roses and the commercialism of that day.)Zinnias

Although I don’t think it is a waste of money purchasing flowers, I do enjoy plants that flower more so than cut flowers, because you get more for your money. Unless they are zinnias (my favorite flower) — we plant them all over the yard and they range in size from just under a foot to over 4 feet. As long as you remove the spent blooms, they will continue to blossom until killing frost. It’s a great investment — all that color for about $2.00.

I love to garden, but haven’t been able to for the past few years — hands are too stiff and will complain too much for days after if I decide to try it anyway. I am mostly content to sit in my beach chair and watch SB — he’s the real gardener anyway!!!


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