Friday Fill-Ins #65


  1. Some relationships are meant to only last for a short time. They bring something to you that you need at that point in your life and then once their job is done, they slowly disintegrate.
  2. Brad Paisley is the last concert I saw; it was at the Big E in Springfield, MA in September 2006 and it was wicked awesome!!!
  3. Spring should be shorter: Summer seems so far away!!
  4. Oh no! I forgot to buy half & half after work!! Now I’ll have to go out later and I’m already in my jammies……
  5. I’ve recently started sleeping much better. Darn that double edged sword; now I’m having more hot flashes in place of the resolved sleeping patterns. Can’t have everything working properly at once, now can we? Someone up there is having a good laugh at my expense!!
  6. My GrandDolly never fails to make me smile. Whatta face!! Everything that she does is a miracle to me.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m (not really) looking forward to (sigh) going out to buy half & half, tomorrow my plans include going to Wright’s in Sturbridge to hopefully buy some cord for the drawstring bags I am making, and Sunday, I want to work on aforementioned bags!!

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