Sunday Scribblings #105 Photograph


Of all of the pictures that I have, this picture of my sister and me and our grandmother is my favorite. I look at that little me and I see my daughter when she was that age. I also see where I thought cutting my own bangs would be a fabulous idea!! For whatever reason, I am fascinated by all of the details in the picture.

  • My grandmother’s hair is so dark — I only remember it being silver.
  • This picture was taken somewhere around 1956, so Nanny would have been only 56, three years older than I am now.
  • I wonder what she is thinking as she looks at my sister in the wash basin. I can almost feel her hand on my shoulder.
  • What is the Tag House that is printed on the calendar?
  • Why is there a coat hanger hanging on the wall?
  • I had forgotten that the kitchen walls and ceiling were wainscoting.
  • I remember well the stove pipe coming out of the morning stove and the water heater that had to be lit by hand in back of the gas stove.
  • I remember Nanny holding a special spoon (she kept in the cupboard in a paper towel tube) over the pilot light of the gas stove, melting Vicks Vaporub so that she could rub it on our chests and throats when we had colds. And then she would tie one of Grandpa’s socks around our throats to keep it warm!! I love looking at this picture. I always wish I could go back to that age and feel my grandmother’s love and caring again.

And this is my grandparents wedding picture. I believe they were married in June 1922. (Oops!! I accidentally typed in 1992 in the first version of this post — thanks Granny and Paisley for correcting me) I remember reading a copy of their wedding announcement. It said something to the effect that they had many good friends that were wishing them well in their marriage. But when they got married, they had nobody in attendance except the minister/pastor!! I always thought that kind of odd. Sissy and I have my Grandpa’s cleft chin and forehead. Nanny’s face and mine are the same shape. Sissy and I both have ash colored hair like Nanny’s. It’s so cool to look at how young they were and be able to see how we resemble them. In this picture, Nanny was 22 and Grandpa was 23.

There are those that would say that I seem to be stuck in the past, or that I spend an inordinate amount of time reminiscing about my grandparents, but I don’t think so. It was a very happy time for us, having our grandparents care for us. It’s only natural that when you have happy memories, you will re-visit them again and again. I have so many questions now that I wish I had asked them and of course, that time has passed. It’s my hope that I can provide my GrandDolly with the story of my life and how she and her mommy and daddy fit into it. Giving her a sense of who she is and where she came from is important, don’t you think?

If you have a special photograph and story that you’d like to share, click here for Sunday Scribblings.


14 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #105 Photograph

  1. i should think they were married in 1892, not 1992…

    this was an amazingly touching post.. especially the first part all your remembrances and reminders about the lovely photo!!!!

  2. Lovely photos. I don’t wonder that you enjoy contemplating every detail of the bath picture. No, 1892 is too early, just as 1992 is too recent. I’ll look forward to seeing your correction of the date. At any rate, they surely were a handsome couple.

  3. I think that’s one of the best things about photographs – they take us back in time to special moments and people.

    I loved your reminiscence – my grandparents lived with us, and it reminded me of the many special times we had together. (Like Vicks Vapo Rub! LOL)

  4. Our past is like our DNA, a part of us that carries on into the future…each memory is a piece of the puzzle of who we are…I loved hearing your stories of your grandmother…and I especially liked your “grand dolly.”

  5. It is wonderful that you remember your grandparents and want to cherish those great memories. After all, when we are alive, don’t we all wish that others will remember us fondly? I’m sure it makes your Granny very happy.

    I love looking at old photos. I always search for the details and ask questions like you. And I have a dimple in my chin too. Do you think we’re related? hehe

  6. How wonderful that you have the picture that you can almost transport yourself back into. All the memories you can conjure up. There’s nothing wrong at all with remembering such happy times and feelings.

  7. Lovely time remniscing with you! I enjoy recalling my memories and really searching each family photo because I didn’t get enough answers. In my life now these memories of the past really make up the core of who I am. Grandparents are important. Thanks for sharing this very precious reminder.
    Have a great week!

  8. I will bet the hanger on the wall was for drying socks. I can remember my great Auntie Kate had a hanger on the wall just like that. She hung Uncle Josh’s hand knit wool socks from it so they would dry slowly……I haven’t thought of that in a hundred years….sigh

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