Unconscious Mutterings #270


  1. Nutritious :: facts — I am quite addicted to reading them when grocery shopping
  2. Graduate :: Mrs. Robinson
  3. Tonight! :: West Side Story
  4. Located :: Aha! Found you!!
  5. Weapon :: Unnecessary
  6. Jumper :: Red plaid (I had one when I was little)
  7. Collectibles :: Dusties
  8. Dennis :: The Menace
  9. Hostile :: takeover
  10. Vivid :: colors

3 thoughts on “Unconscious Mutterings #270

  1. I, too, read the nutrition information, but sometimes compromise and balance out my selections (kind of like drinking a glass of water with pizza). Your answer to location reminds me of the way my married friends always seem to find each other in large stores. It’s some sort of radar, I think.

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