From the “well she sure showed me” files……


As I’ve said numerous times, GrandDolly is the light of my life. I am enchanted with every little thing she does or says. Too bad she doesn’t feel the same way. Case in point:

We make our weekly Wal-Mart run on Sundays — Darling Daughter needed a few things as well but GrandDolly was napping, so I offered to pick her items up for her. Upon our return, GrandDolly was just waking up, which is her “don’t bother me ’til I’ve had my coffee” time. Sweet Baboo  kissed her cheek and we jumped back into the car to go home. By then, GD was laying on the sofa vegging out and slowly ramping up for the rest of the day.

So home we go, bring in the bags and start unpacking. Phone rings. DD on the line. Where’s Pepere? GD was throwing a hissy fit because Pepere had left and not kissed her or told her goodbye. DD gives GD the phone, at which time SB starts their “growl and giggle” routine. After many good byes and I love you’s, SB hangs up the phone. He had a look on his face that asked, “who does she love better?” Oy.


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