Sunday Scribblings #106 – Fearless


At the risk of overloading anybody who reads this blog with GrandDolly stories, I promise this one will be the last for awhile.

GrandDolly is definitely a fearless little creature. She will leap off a sofa and believe with all her heart that someone will be there to catch her. You could play the “dropping the baby” game for hours — she knows she’ll never hit the floor. I really believe that the reason she is this way is because she is so loved.

In her short life, she has been introduced to and interacted in a positive manner to no less than 12 grand and great grandparents or reasonable facsimiles thereof, plus assorted aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts, great uncles, etc. Foregoing licensed daycare, DD is able to have GrandDolly watched by one family member or another. I don’t think GrandDolly has ever had to deal with somebody with a mean streak. Until I started watching my DD and her husband and the rest of this extended family surround this child with so much love, I don’t think I was aware that it would foster such a reaction. Based on her 18 month old demeanor, she is secure in her belief that the people in her life are kind and loving.

On the flip side, when GrandDolly is meeting someone new for the first time, she will not arbitrarily accept that stranger; she will first check out how I (or her mother or whatever adult is with her) react to that person, and mirror the body language that is being displayed.

I find this to be comforting and hope that she will continue this behavior as she grows up. I pray that she will continue to listen to her instincts and be strong enough to run in the other direction when she senses danger. Being fearless is one thing — but a small dose of fearful will go a long way in keeping her safe in the years to come.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #106 – Fearless

  1. GrandDolly is lucky little girl. She’ll probably have her share of disillusionments when she is launched into the real world, but I think that a loving background such as you describe is the best grounding anyone can have.

  2. Sherill

    Hi, Marcy – thanks for your good words about my blog – I read yours all the time too and love your thoughts. GrandDolly is indeed a doll. I’m still trying to recruit you for the RI Knitters Guild. The May meeting will be on Tuesday, May 6, not our usual Thursday so maybe you can make it as my guest. We’re going to Bella’s Yarns in Warren RI to sit and knit. Do you list your email address anywhere – I can forward the newsletter to you when it comes out.

  3. i believe we are all born with a lot more decision making abilities than we ever realize we have as they are “cultured” out of us… your grand dolly sounds like she is instinctual on the right track…

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