Blog Talkers #68


What is a joke to you? What do you find funny? Do you appreciate a good practical joke, or do you think practical jokes are cruel? What is the best joke you’ve ever played on someone. What is the best joke you’ve ever heard?

I’m a huge fan of slapstick/physical comedy. Nothing will ever make me laugh harder than a great pratfall. A fine example would be Carol Burnett — or Red Skelton, another great one. Oh gosh, and Tim Conway. And John Belushi. And Chevy Chase. And Flip Wilson. And the list goes on…….

I don’t care for practical jokes. They are meaner than mean — most people don’t like being singled out for something, but to be singled out and then ridiculed — it’s just not a good thing to do. Very tactless. I was singled out in grade school by a couple of bullies (girls, no less) and I can tell you from experience that it will make your life miserable.

I have a hard time retaining any kind of joke. I manage to forget jokes just about as soon as I hear them. But if you were to ask me what my favorite sketch from a comedy show would be, it would be a tie between Flip’s Geraldine Jones and Carol Burnett’s Scarlet O’Hara with the curtain and curtain rod. I start giggling every time I hear “I saw it in the winda (that lovely southern accent) and just had to have it.” And another sketch is from Frasier that is probably the best five minutes I ever spent in front of a TV. Check it out below. This is the kind of thing that rings my chimes.

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4 thoughts on “Blog Talkers #68

  1. I hope you got to watch the PBS special on Carol Burnett. They talked about how that Gone With the Wind scene got put together. It was a most interesting show talking about how the show was rehersed and put together.

    Glad to see you Blog Talking! Just noticed you live in CT, we love it there. I live in NH.

  2. Oh, I’m with you! My obsession started with the Three Stooges, although I can now see that they were a leeetle violent. Tim Conway, Chevy Chase, any slapstick within a comedy suits me too–oh, and the movie, The Money Pit when Tom Hanks falls through the floor. Frasier makes me laugh out loud!
    Thanks for sharing–just remembering has given me enough endorphins to last the day.

  3. Now I know we are true kindred spirits. The Gone With the Wind sketch is my best all-time favorite Carol Burnette or any comedy hands down!! I watched the Three Stooges and loved Chevy Chase. I really don’t like practical jokes either.

  4. Outside My Brain

    Thank you so much for posting this. My wife and I watch Frasier every weekday night on Lifetime. Neither one of us had seen this episode. Whether you are a Frasier fan or not, this clip is hillarious, but knowing Nile’s personality makes it all the more funnier.

    I arrived here from my blog, as I had just posted an article on “The Best Pratical Joke I Ever Played”. And, WordPress has your site listed below mine as a related post.

    Of course, upon reading your post, they don’t seem related at all, except for the fact that you mentioned that you don’t care for practical jokes. You are welcome to come by and read the post, it’s a rather harmless but comical practical joke I played on my college roommate.

    Regardless, thanks for the laugh. We both enjoyed it.

    P.S. Regarding Carol Burnett & Tim Conway, they just don’t do TV like they used to!

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