The Agony and the Ecstasy


The Agony — I’m covered with indescribable itching — AGAIN!!

The Ecstasy — scratching it until I bleed. I know it’s the wrong thing to do, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

My darling Sweet Baboo — the mighty poison ivy slayer — finely outfitted in his coveralls and gloves and hat, standing at the ready to do battle with the blasted interlopers. With his trusty spray can at his side, he sprayed until there was nothing left to pour on the noxious weeds. I am absolutely a true believe in organic gardening, but when it comes to poison ivy, there is no mercy. Bring on the Round Up and lots of it.

That’s not where I got the rash, tho.

A few days ago, SB was clearing brush at his boss’s house. Didn’t realize what he had gotten into until I broke out the next morning. He had the urushiol on his skin but I broke out before he did!!! Isn’t that a kick in the head? I told him I got it from him and he didn’t think so — until his arms started itching later that day and he had to agree with me.

I’ve read where the rash starts anywhere from a day to 2 weeks. Haven’t ever read where a person can break out within a couple of hours. That’s my own experience.

So here I sit, my head numb from Benadryl while the rest of my body is racked with this hateful itching. AGAIN!!


One thought on “The Agony and the Ecstasy

  1. I’ve had the crud for more than two weeks, but I am not in as much agony as usual because I continue to over-use the Technu. I think you even recommended it to me. So get that crap on, rub vigorously, and have it not kick your butt so much. Oh, and steal prednizone from whomever has it. (Thanks, husband, for the recent presciption following triple bypass!)

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