Photo Hunt #108: Time


Sorry it took so long to get this post up. When I read the prompt, I knew exactly the picture that I wanted but it took awhile to find it. Here it is.

This a picture of my grandparent’s 45th wedding anniversary, which I think was around 1967 or so. I’m glad they had this party because my grandfather died before their fiftieth. The resolution isn’t great, but hey, it’s an old picture after all.

Do you see the clock on the wall? Grandpa said it was a 31 day clock. It bonged on the hour and half hour. There were numbers around the edge of the clock counting off the days of the month. As I recall, the pendulum was gold colored and had a round pattern on it.

The story of how he got the clock — the barbershop Grandpa frequented was in Fort Covington, a little town a few miles down the road. There were two barbers — one loved the clock and wouldn’t part with it, the other hated it and would sell it in a New York minute. Grandpa waited until the clock-hater was there alone and bought it from him for a minuscule amount of money. He was a savvy old Scot, let me tell you.


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