Blog Talkers #71


Story time …

What book is on your nightstand now? Tell us about it, post a blurb. If you’re reading it, do you like it? If you haven’t started, what are your expectations? Would you recommend it to a good friend? What type of stories do you like to read the most often? Why?

Well, first of all, I don’t have a nightstand, so I will tell you what book I have on my desk in the kitchen.

I recently purchased The Wrinkle In Time Quintet Boxed Set. I never had my own copy of Wrinkle in Time, although I had probably read it 15 times over the years from different libraries and always meant to read the rest of the Murry family set. So far, I have been able to read the first 5 or ten pages of Wrinkle before my daughter borrowed it, then Sweet Baboo started reading it, then a lady at work wants to read it. And on it goes. Oh well, after forty some years, a few more days won’t matter, eh?

My tastes in reading have changed in the last few years. I used to be a real big Stephen King fan, also Dean Koontz with a bit of Robin Cook tossed in. Then I turned to self help books for a time, “bodice ripping” romance novels, time travel romance, (check out Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series) and now to more contemporary fiction authors.

Right now, aside from my side trip that I am taking with my childhood books, I am enjoying fictional stories about women of a certain age, since I am now that certain age. The Red Hat stories (Haywood Smith) are a hoot, Janice Kaplan (check out “Mine Are Spectacular”), plus others make me feel that I am not alone in this part of my ever changing life. I also have to say, I used to read to broaden my views and improve my mind. Now, I read to be entertained. Listening to the evening news is disturbing enough, give me a good humorous book to read instead.


2 thoughts on “Blog Talkers #71

  1. A Wrinkle In Time was my first sci-fi read, and I’ve loved the genre ever since 🙂 Mine’s up, if you have a moment please do stop by!

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