Sunday Scribblings #112 — Quitting


Quitting anything is not always a sign of failure. For example, take my marriage — PLEASE!! (Was it Henny Youngman that used to do those jokes?) My biggest fear was ending it, although I knew it had to be done. I really felt like a failure. I know now that I should have done it years ago, but was afraid of what “people would say”.

I stayed married for 20 years. Stupid, stupid, stupid.  That’s the way I was back then. Rather than saying, okay stop for the lovva Mike, that’s ENOUGH, I would hang onto a relationship or position or even an uninteresting book, trying to make it work. Nosiree bob, couldn’t call me a quitter!!

My twenty two year job, for example. I made all kinds of noises for most of those years, that I was going to quit, I was going to move on, etc., all that time terrified that if I left, I wouldn’t be able to find another job. I was practically pushed out the door before I finally realized that if I did quit, the world would still keep spinning.

But y’know what happened when I finally did walk out? I found out that after the first time, it gets easier. (My sister is also a believer in that profound little piece of truth)  I found 2 more places of employment after leaving Snakepits R Us — the first one I quit 3 weeks in, the second 2 1/2 days. What’s the point of staying where I knew I wasn’t going to be happy? Did that once for 22 years — won’t waste another day doing it again.  It took me many, many years to trust my instincts.

Moral of the story?  Don’t be afraid to quit.  Sometimes it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #112 — Quitting

  1. this piece really speaks to me!!! amazing how we tolerate bad situations out of those real and imaginary fears, i’ve done the very same myself more than once over the years — what a delicious feeling of giving myself a priceless gift when i finally decided i was the one in charge of my life and acted accordingly – i felt almost heady with getting my own power back again –

  2. I loved the “Snakepits R Us” line. One of my sons, who has been happily married for twenty years to his second wife, said of his first wife, “We were right to get married and we were right to divorce. Wife No.1 also remarried happily, and the two couples remain friends. Another of my sons divorced acrimoniously but rightly, in my opinion. The moral of your story is true. There’s a time when quitting is the best policy.

  3. I agree with you! It is wonderful when we honor our truth over what we ‘should’ do, or what others want us to do. This is our life and it is lovely when we live it in sync with the depths of our hearts.

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