Unconcious Mutterings #278


  1. Referral :: Oxford Insurance
  2. Indiana :: Jones, of course
  3. Foil :: aluminuminuminuminum (it’s one of those words when you start saying it, you can’t stop)
  4. Horizon :: Mudslide Slim and the Blue (Horizon)(I’m a big James Taylor fan)
  5. Event :: a happening
  6. Sailing :: Christopher Cross
  7. Footage :: from the evening news, which I avoid like the plague
  8. Sunday :: Bloody Sunday (I’m also a Bono fan)
  9. Breathtaking :: the mountains in New Mexico
  10. Dude! :: Excellent!

One thought on “Unconcious Mutterings #278

  1. Yay – I, too, had Sunday Bloody Sunday. I agree with your comment about the New Mexico mountains. Your response to foil made me laugh. Thanks for the interesting mutterings!

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