Blog Talkers Talk #74 – Car


Write about your car. What do you drive? Show us a picture of your car. What do you WISH you were driving? How long have you been driving your car? Do you like to drive overall? Are you a good driver? Are you a passive or aggressive driver? How has increasing gas prices affected your lifestyle? How has it affected your budget? How many miles do you drive on a given day?

Cars to me have always been mostly a way to get from A to B. My first car was a 1965 Dodge Monaco. There are yachts shorter than that car. Rode like a dream — passed everything but a gas station. The most exciting car I have ever owned was a 1986 Ford Mustang — 4 cylinder, of course.

If I had my druthers, I think I would like to be driving a Smart Car (great on gas plus the WOW factor) although Sweet Baboo has been singing the praises of the new hybrids — seems there is one on the horizon that will go 30 or so miles on the batteries before the gas will kick in.  I could drive to work without gas at all!! The price tag is a bit of a  deterrent though.

I have been driving since 1970. I turned 16 on July 1st (go ahead, do the math, I’ll wait), started a crash course in Driver’s Ed the next day, and 6 weeks later had my Jr. Operators license. Thirty eight years and not even a scratch or dent. I’ve probably jinxed myself saying that.

I enjoy driving for the most part. Although not aggressive (even before gas prices skyrocketed, I drove about 65-70 mph on the Interstate) I am extremely vocal. Can’t abide stupid and inconsiderate drivers and enjoy telling them so from the safety of my car. Has anybody else ever seen someone fly by you and then catch up with them 2 or 3 miles later, pulled over by a Trooper? Do you honk the horn like I do? Do you laugh and point like I do? 

I’m lucky in that my round trip commute is about 15 miles a day, so the gas prices haven’t overly affected me.  I drive a bit slower now (60ish) and have combined all of my errands so that I’m only making one run per day. And what am I driving, you ask?  I have a 1996 Oldsmobile Delta 88 — that’s right, a granny car!!  But it rides SOOOOOO nice (one of my friends says it’s like riding somewhere on her sofa), it’s decent on gas, it’s quiet and it has power windows, power locks, power driver’s seat and A/C. Oh, and it also gets me from A to B — all this and without a car payment!!


2 thoughts on “Blog Talkers Talk #74 – Car

  1. Our neighbour has a Smart Car and yep they do have WOW factor 🙂 Much roomier than I thought at first too 🙂

    My entry is now up too, if you have a moment please do stop by. 🙂

  2. fireflynights

    Way back in the dark ages I got my learner’s permit and then had to take driver’s ed which was a piece of cake. Several very timid drivers in the class. I had a horse show to go to and my father wasn’t available to take us and my mother wouldn’t drive while pulling a trailer. I drove to the show with the trailer and horse with my mother and my learner’s permit. The timid ladies in the class just about died when they heard about it the next week.

    Like you, I think of vehicles as transportation but a friend babies his vehicles like they are children. I don’t have the time. Our “fleet” for two people is a Toyota Sienna van, a Toyota Tacoma XCab 4WD truck, a Chevy Silverado XCab 4WD, a Toyota Avalon, and a Toyota Highlander recently bought. Wanted to substitute the Highlander for the big truck on our Michigan trips but have been REALLY disappointed in the gas mileage on its first tank. Usually buy used, but both the Sienna and the Silverado came new the same year. Now four years old. The price on the used Highlander was so good that even if it doesn’t get great mileage it might still stay with us. OH drives 4 miles to work and 4 back. I’m at home for a year and only occasionally drive. Biggest expense is the 1,000 miles to our Michigan homes.

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