The Reading Room


I talked to my sister earlier today.  Her daughter had suggested awhile back that she bring a few items into her office so that it could be used as a reading nook, just someplace for her to put up her feet and relax.  So this is the picture of the corner she is using as her reading room — glider rocker in a spot so she can gaze out the window, check. Telephone in case somebody calls, check. Candles, blanket, smut book, check — oh,  and what’s that I see on the floor?  A basket full of yarn — and she doesn’t knit!!  But doesn’t it look comfy and cozy in there…… she tells me that image is everything….. She was bemoaning the fact that I knit and sew and she doesn’t — I reminded her that she got the decorating gene and I didn’t. She can put 2 or 3 things together and it looks fabulous — I can put the same 2 or 3 things together, and it looks like I put 2 or 3 things together.  Maybe if I knit her more socks she will redecorate my house for me.

Reading space 1


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