10 Ways the World Has Changed Since I Was in School


  1. Teachers were able to discipline kids that needed it so that order could be kept in the classroom. Try doing that now — the teacher would be fired then tarred and feathered, all in the name of the student’s “rights”.  I’m all for civil rights, but there is a responsibility that comes with it.
  2. NASA’s space shuttles were just being rolled out when I finished high school.
  3. Computers were the stuff of Star Trek (the original version) and The Jetsons
  4. Way too much technology in such a short period of time — nobody needs to be so connected all the time.  It can’t be a good thing.
  5. In the 60’s and 70’s, the media had more of a conscience and much better manners. I can actually pinpoint when the media started getting out of hand — Watergate in 1973.  (Sorry Bernstein and Woodward)
  6. Manners and morals seem to have been tossed to the wayside.  Too much instant gratification — to much entitlement.
  7. I find that I am sounding more and more like the adults that I found so outdated when I was in school.
  8. On the upside, there have been marvelous advances in medicine that were just dreams back in the 70’s.
  9. On the downside, the face that I see in the mirror every morning is certainly not the one that I had back in school.
  10. Also on the downside, the US doesn’t seem to be able to make it through a decade without taking part in one war or another. So maybe that doesn’t count as the world changing.

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