Hey, did anybody miss me????


blog readability test

I found this test — I don’t know, somewhere out there — so I dropped in my url and voilá!  Elementary school level?????? Depending on how you view it, I either write very simply or I write so that simple minds can read it. Your call.

I had a nice month off from blogging, thanks for asking — truth be told, I was being obsessed with other things.  That’s the way my mind works — I get hung up on something for awhile and it’s all I can think of or work on until I burn it out.

I spent 2 weeks assembling a “household notebook” which essentially has every phone number and financial statement and appliance booklet and road map etc etc in it.  My lists of what I wanted in it were extensive, (read: overwhelming!!) but after putting it together and knowing that anything I want is in there, I’m pretty proud of it.  I got part of the idea for this (mostly the financial and legal end of it) from Lifehacker, a blog/website with some of the most amazing information on it. Check it out if you have the time. Not everything on the site will interest everyone, but if you scroll down to the bottom and click “archives”, there is a list of tags that you can choose from.

I also devoted a bit of time to closet cleaning (found a Christmas gift that I had put away for DD — seems that I do that just about every year and she’s always so excited when I give her the gift a few months later) and going through plastic tote boxes of fat quarters.  I seem to have a serious problem in the quilting cotton fabric department.  I have 5 totes of fabric!!! Smallish totes, but totes just the same. I’m not a hoarder (usually) but the thought of parting with it makes me quite nauseous.

Also cleaned out my (ahem) clothing that will fit when I lose weight.  HA!!  Isn’t going to happen, or at the very least, won’t happen sufficiently that I will be able to get into them.

Sissy and fabulous BIL came down to visit for 42 hours — they live on a farm with a tight schedule — and we had a nice visit and toured Old Sturbridge Village in — duh — Sturbridge, MA. Don’t let anybody ever tell you differently — the good old days weren’t even close to being good!! Sissy and I said over and over that it was such an effort to do anything back in the 1800’s.   It makes you appreciate all that you take for granted.

And of course, knitting.  DD has been patiently waiting for me to finish her French Market Bag (photos when it’s finally finished). It’s just waiting now for a good felting. I also made a few hot pads with some orphan yarn that I had — also waiting for a good felting.

My last obsession has been assembling the supplies that I need to make reusable grocery bags.  You can’t beat thrift stores for sheets — who could pass up sheets for $1.50 each??? That’s a heck of alot of fabric.  Let’s see, full size flat sheet about 80″ x 100″ — that works out to about 6 square yards of fabric.  For $.25 a square yard!!!!! So yeah, I’ve gone a little sheet crazy and will be making these little beauties as soon as I get my fanny to a fabric store for fusible interfacing.

I also saw an idea for lounge pants from a bed sheet on Creative Little Daisy’s blog that I will probably be making a stab at, and finally, just tonight, I found a Pyramid Doorstop pattern from All It Took Was Just One Stitch that is just the thing that I need for about 3 doors in my house. Heavy enough to prop the doors open, light enough that it won’t squash GrandDolly’s toesies when she picks it up and drops it on herself.

So what have you been doing for the past month?


3 thoughts on “Hey, did anybody miss me????

  1. Well, Marcy, I guess I use a few more multi-syllable words than you do – I got up to High School for my blog readability. I had a h… of a time trying to get the icon onto my blog – but I thought if Marcy can do it, so can I. And finally I did.

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