Information Overstimulation?????


Is there such a thing?

I feel (and have felt for some time) extremely unfocused, distracted.  It’s like I woke up one morning about 2 months ago with ADHD.

And this is my take on it…..

I think believe know in my heart of hearts that the information highway has carved an off ramp right through my brain.  For example……

I logged on a few days ago to find a free pattern for a pair of bloomers/panties with an elastic waist and elastic around the legs to go with a dress I’m going to make for GrandDolly.

I finally gave up after 45 minutes or so and refined my search to include shorts or pants with an elastic waist and figured that I could just wing the leg openings. Then continued to search for another hour. And another. Then logged back on the next day and started again — to the tune of at least 2 hours again. The problem seems to be that I am suffering from “the grass is always greener” syndrome.  I like what I have found already, but maybe if I click on this link, I’ll find something better. I just can’t seem to flip the switch off once I find what I need.

Granted, I didn’t spend all that time searching — not when there are SOOOOOO many other sites that snag my attention and send me off into another direction. Which of course is my problem.

So what’s the best way to sort out your head when thoughts and ideas are zinging around?  Make a list!!


My To Do List du Jour

  1. My craft room is out of control.  Before I can do anything in there, I need to make a path and do a little organizing.  (Update: a sleepless night while on vacation is the perfect time to set a room to rights.  Check out the pics below.)
  2. I have found several patterns for different items that I want to make.  I am saving them and trashing every other url that I have bookmarked for patterns, thinking that I might do something with them someday. It just ain’t happening.
  3. I have bought 4 bed sheets from the Salvation Army to make reusable grocery bags. It’s time I made them.
  4. I have ordered fabric for GrandDolly’s dress — which I will make as soon as it arrives.  No more dilly dallying for the luvva Mike.
  5. My knitting projects — and there are many — will stay under my craft table until I get all of these items finished. It’s an incentive to clean up my other unknitting related UFO’s.  No more knitting until the decks are clear.
  6. I have also — finally, I might add — ordered batting for the 2 little quilt tops that I finished better than a month ago.  I had hoped to have them long armed by a gal I know, but at $60 a pop, I’m going to need to find another way to finish them.
  7. Darling Daughter’s French Market Bag has been done and waiting for felting for about a month.  Ditto on 2 hot pads that I made for her out of leftover yarn from other projects. (Update: Hot pads and French Market Bag are felted and drying.  Ahh, just love the smell of wet sheep……..)

I wish I had had the foresight to take a few pics before I cleaned this room. Oh well. It honestly looks so much better now.

My little corner of heaven

My little corner of heaven

Love my computer but it's so easy to get lost in it

Love my computer but it's so easy to get lost in it

And one more angle

And one more angle


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