Sunday Scribblings #121 Solace


The quick and short answers to this prompt would probably be family, friends, true love, faith — and those would all be correct, of course. But solace to me means the most when it comes with no warning. For example, this picture was taken at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. I loved how this path just meandered up the hill with such a gorgeous light at the top, and as I held the camera up to shoot, I felt such a feeling of — well, I want to say calm, but it was really more than that. Does feeling at one with the universe sound just a tad corny? Yeah, that’s what I thought too, but that’s pretty much what I felt like. I don’t have feelings like that real often, but I love how such a soothing feeling just slowly drifts down over me from head to toe. Floating in unannounced that way is a gift to me.

Still seeking solace?

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #121 Solace

  1. ummm, I love the feeling you describe as you took this image! That is pretty much why I spend so much time in the wild taking pictures. Your image and what you share is lovely.

  2. Marcy

    Thanks for the kind words, I have alot of other pics that I want to get posted from our time at the village — this was one that was just perfect for the Scribblings prompt this week.

  3. those feelings of being so connected really are so peaceful, and so like a blessing when they arrive unannounced and uninvited – seems to make them so precious!!!

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