Good enough to eat!!


This is the second fabric that I bought for another kimono for GrandDolly. I’ve cut out the pieces, and I’ve wound my bobbin with black thread and I’m really ready to sew, but really I just want to stand in front of it and just stare at it!! I am truly in love with this fabric. I’m making this kimono in the next size up, I figure that she’ll fit into it eventually. Go ahead and click the picture, you know you want to!!

Also, in the directions for this kimono, there is mention made of a handy dandy little tool called a binding maker. I’ve heard all kinds of opinions about these things and I’m sure it has all kinds of names depending on the manufacturer, but I bought one thinking that if I didn’t care for the way it worked, I could always return it. Let me tell you something about this little cutie patootie. It works great!!! I have never made seam binding/bias binding without burning the daylights out of my fingers until I tried this. The only advice that I would give a person trying this tool for the first time, make sure the strip width that you are feeding in completely fills the tape maker where it is fed in. I was making 1/2″ double bias binding. The binding maker that I bought was a 1″ and the first strip width that I tried was 1 1/2″. It didn’t completely fill the end of the maker and slipped all over the place. Okay, start over. 2″ wide strips, filled the starting end nicely, perfect seam binding came out the other end. Amazing what you can do with the right tools.

Okay, enough gushing about inanimate objects…….

Oh, one more thing before I stop the gushing — flat headstraight pins are a plus for less than dexterous fingers!! FYI, the yellow thingies stuck into the end of my monstrous pin cushion are said flat head straight pins. There — I’m done.


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