Another kimono for GrandDolly


This is the other fabric that I bought for GrandDolly’s second kimono — the next one that I make for her (yes, I’ve already bought more fabric, I’m sick I tell ya!!) will be a bit larger, as she has already grown out of the first one that I made for her!!  No worries, my friend at work has a 4 month old that it may not fit now, but it definitely will later.  This one turned out great too — she looks fabulous in it with her little black gaucho pants that she wears often. The pattern is called Simple Kimono Wrap and I found it at Habitual.

Just before I started this newest round of sewing, I had mentioned to Sweet Baboo that we really needed to do something about the sewing/crafting/computer room that we share.  He had comandeered my table for the computer, leaving me with a card table (I KNOW, can you believe it???) with a promise that we would bring the computer desk up from the basement soon.  And that was about a year ago so I didn’t think that casually mentioning it again would be a bad thing. So, on a sunny afternoon in September…….

This is my “staging” area before. UGH!! I do tend to be a slob at times. Okay, most times.

And this is after — beaucoup improvement, eh?

And our new computer corner with aforementioned desk installed …with Sweet Baboo computing away…..

And this, joy of joys, is my table returned to me so that I can now have both of my sewing machines out at the same time!!

Yes, everything is definitely good in our little corner of New England.


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