Pencil pocket for notebooks and tutorial!!!


I carry notebooks with me all the time — practically every time I think of something even remotely important, I want/need/MUST write it down — so even though I always have a notebook at hand, having a pen or pencil is a horse of a different color.

And in a seemingly unrelated vein, I also have turned into quite the “internet tutorials collector”, if you will.  I spend WAYYYY too much time on the internet, surfing for the next great thing that I want to make.


This is what I found a couple nights ago on WhipUp and of course it was an “aha!!” moment. The link for the tutorial is here. Who couldn’t use one of these themselves, not to mention gifts? A nice new Moleskine with a nice new pencil pocket to go with it. I wouldn’t mind opening one of those, if sewing wasn’t my thing. BTW, my own Moleskine is next in line for one of these little cuties, but for now, here is a pic of one of my notebooks and my “I would literally just lay down and die if I lost it” calendar, both sporting their brand new pencil pockets.


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