And yet more fabric…..


I am on a buying binge — sheets, pillowcases, doilies, linens of any kind — can’t seem to get enough of them. I haven’t actually done anything with them yet, other than print out the tutorial of what it is that I want to make and then make sure that they stay together. I’m guessing that I am subconsciously stocking up with things to do this winter.  Check out this latest bunch. All nice and freshly washed and dried on the clothesline. The pink one at 12:00 is going to be pillowcases for Darling Daughter’s bed, the orange yellow and green at 2:00 is undecided at this moment, but I really liked it and bought it anyway.  The maroon in the middle will be the contrasting back for some sofa pillows for DD, the blue and green plaids will be toppers for my living room end stands or pillow coverings for my sofa.  Not sure about the striped — might be bibs for a friend of DD’s, might be chicken stuffies.  (The blue and white is my bed sheet. )


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