Sunday Scribblings #133 — Style


This prompt was so easy!!

I have practically no style. Or at least no style that anybody could notice.

And no, that’s not a pathetic ploy to coerce people into feeling sorry for me.  It’s just the truth.

This is what I came up with.

  • Home decorating style — I like everything in the beige family and then add a couple dashes of color. Boring, yes.  Stylish, not so much. My sister has all the home decorating genes.  She can take 2 or 3 items and put them together and they look wonderful.  I got the knitting genes.
  • Parenting style — like many parents of my generation, I parented with a certain amount of guilt driving my decisions.  Even so, my Darling Daughter turned out pretty well (no drugs or drinking or lascivious behavior — well none that I knew of at any rate) so I guess my parenting style is also beige with dashes of color.
  • Clothing style — solid color tee shirts with solid color slacks.  I can probably count on the fingers of both hands how many print items of clothing I have owned in my life. I can literally reach into my closet in the dark and pull out a tee shirt and slacks that match at least 2 out of 3 times.
  • Personality style — I am mostly a listener and observer with people that I don’t know, but an active participant with friends.  However, I don’t make friends easily — check that, I have to know a person a long time before I can say that we are friends. I guess my personality style would be guarded but friendly.

So yes, I have a boring style. I’m a beige person wearing solid colored tee shirts and slacks that is slightly socially challenged and in need of therapy. But I’m okay with it.  Life is good.

If you care to visit, you can meet more stylish people here at Sunday Scribblings.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #133 — Style

  1. You have style, your own! Nothing wrong with liking muted colors. And adding spots of bright colors are just the right touch.

    Everything else sounded ok to me also.

    Nice post.

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