#134 I don’t like myself — I’m crazy about myself!! (Mae West)


And that being said, here is a list of what I think is pretty terrific about me!!

  1. I am a GREAT grandmother.  Not just good but great!!  I have so much more patience and focus now than when I had Darling Daughter.  My parenting skills weren’t stellar, but my grand-parenting skills are fabulous!! I have to also say that I’m a much better mother now than I was back then too. Darling Daughter grew into a fabulous woman too, in spite of my shortcomings.
  2. I have great legs — and I’m not a teenybopper folks.   My Darling Daughter has my legs too, and hers are also fabulous.
  3. I smell good.  Don’t laugh!!  Using a perfume/cologne that will complement your natural odor is a minefield at best.  I was lucky enough to be able to do it twice.  The first fragrance I ever wore was Jean Nate (okay, who’s laughing out there? I can hear you!!!) which I wore until about 3 or 4 years ago.  Just recently, (within the last 2 years) I started using Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom and I love it!!  So does Sweet Baboo, I might add.  AND he loved the Jean Nate too!! So there!!
  4. I am a great driver. I have had my license since 1970 and have not even been in a fender bender.
  5. I have a good attitude about my work and life in general.  Not easy to say in these whippy dippy times.  I enjoy my job and love my life with Sweet Baboo.
  6. I am a fair to middling knitter.  I still have the first pair of socks that I made over a year ago and I like to take them out and compare them to the socks that I am able to make now. Beau coup difference!! Practice really does make perfect, people!!
  7. I am also a fair to middling sewer.  (That’s sewer as in a person who sews.) I try not to obsess too much over the blogs that are out there of women who sew and knit.  I haven’t figured out how they keep their outside the home jobs, the house clean, the children happy, and decent food on the table, all while being prolific as all get out with their crafty side.  Oh, and they also blog at least once a day. I think I will stick with fair to middling.
  8. I am also a fanatic about spelling and/or grammar.  It doesn’t seem like something to be proud of, but I firmly believe that the way a person speaks or writes says alot about them.  However, there are times that I have to bite my tongue when I desperately want to correct a perfect stranger for using the word seen instead of saw, or tell them how the word frustrating or refrigerator is really pronounced.
  9. I know when to say enough is enough.

Want more? There are more likable people here at Sunday Scribblings.


6 thoughts on “#134 I don’t like myself — I’m crazy about myself!! (Mae West)

  1. I love coming to your blog tonight and reading your post bragging about yourself. That is so awesome. You know… I finally found something we differ on. What? I never wore Jean Nate. I was always an Intimate girl. The perfume bottle made an awesome microphone. I love your one about spelling and grammar. You would give me a gold star for the numerous times a day I correct one of the other as gently as I can! Great post.

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