Sunday Scribblings #138 – Grateful


I am grateful that I was born with a woman’s right to vote already in place. And I am grateful to all of the suffragettes that worked so diligently to make that right a reality.

I have voted in many elections, but it always seems that voting in the presidential election was the real deal. The other elections that I participated in were just a dress rehearsal. No matter who you voted for, you were expressing your opinion. It’s a very heady experience, don’t you agree?

And on yet another level……

I voted!!

I wore my “I Voted!” sticker proudly all day. The next day on my way to work, my eyes strayed to the “check engine” light that had been mocking me for a month. A reason for this light can’t be pinned down. Car runs smooth as silk and has power to spare. Perhaps a short in the bulb itself? Whatever. I pulled my little sticker off my jacket and plopped it over the light. Problem solved. I am grateful for a second time.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #138 – Grateful

  1. Here’s hoping you don’t break down anywhere and have to own up to ignoring the sign.

    The only drawback from voting absentee — which I do every single time — is I don’t get the sticker.

  2. Marcy

    I wish — I’ve taken it to the garage 4 times — every time the guy tells me to come get it, that’s there’s nothing wrong with it. If it was acting wonky I would be totally freaked, but it’s running really well and getting great gas mileage. Time will tell…..

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