Unconcious Mutterings #305


  1. Sleepy ::
  2. Dopey and Doc

  3. Thanksgiving ::
  4. Pilgrims

  5. Fifteen ::
  6. tons and what do you get (Tennessee Ernie Ford song) (And Hootin’ Anni kindly pointed out that it’s 16 tons, not 15 tons — thanks Anni!!)

  7. Authority ::
  8. The Boss

  9. Bangs ::
  10. what my GrandDolly desperately needs to keep the hair out of her face

  11. Curled ::
  12. what I wish my hair would do

  13. Young man ::
  14. nothing comes to mind

  15. Surprised ::
  16. don’t like to be

  17. Mistake ::
  18. don’t make as many as I used to

  19. Handle it ::
  20. what to do instead of griping about it


10 thoughts on “Unconcious Mutterings #305

  1. dragonmage

    Great mutterings. We had the same idea for Sleepy. I haven’t heard 15 tons for a while. Time to get out my old record and listen again.
    Feel free to drop by and see my answers.

  2. Hi,
    I like your answer #1!! At first I had almost the same answer (Snowy White), but changed it.

    I couldn’t find something with “Bangs”. Must be my poor English 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

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