Please stand by — a bit of crowing is in order


Okay, I probably whine a bit too much about my hands, I admit it.  But when it becomes difficult for me to sew, something MUST be done.

So this is what I done. Meet my new friend Audrey. Audrey A-Line Baby Lock. My sewing friend Kim is going to be SOOOOO jealous.


So here’s the scoop. I finished the chenille and floral quilt for LJD’s daughter, but not without alot of hair pulling and turning the air blueing. My old machine (which was only two years old, but hey what the heck) was giving me fits with the needle thread constantly drawing back and out of the eye, and turning the handwheel is just not fun for me anymore. Inserting the bobbin into the case and then into the machine was also maddening — my fingers are just too stiff to do it easily. And then there is the needle threader, which in order to use, you need two hands, one foot, and a prayer. So I decided it was time to bite the bullet, pull out the charge card and get myself a needle up/needle down, drop in bobbin, built in needle threader does everything but make my coffee in the morning sewing machine.


“Ahhhhh,” she sighs contentedley, extremely pleased with herself.) “I am a very, very happy camper.”


3 thoughts on “Please stand by — a bit of crowing is in order

    • Marcy

      I am so absolutely happy with this sewing machine — it’s just exactly what I need. I love how quiet it is, the up/down needle, even threading the bobbin is simpler. A great all around machine for sure. If you haven’t used one before, it’s probably a good idea to go to a dealer and try one out. Good luck!!

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