Sunday Scribblings — Late


Yes, this is going to be another somewhat sappy post.

Have your ever heard “Waiting on a Woman” by Brad Paisley? It is the absolute truth for many women, but not this one. I am painfully punctual and hyperventilate any time we are running even the smallest bit late.

Sweet Baboo is never concerned by time. He takes his time showering, shaving, getting dressed. (Meanwhile, I am ready and waiting with my coat on, sweating.) He combs his hair and proceeds to “become attired”. (Saying that he is getting dressed just doesn’t cover it.) He asks me 2 or 3 times, does this look OK? Would the other shirt be better? What about these shoes? (Still sweating. Trying to be adult and not pout.) Combs hair again. Brushes teeth. Finds wallet and keys. Combs hair yet again. (I have to say tho, he really does have great hair for a guy his age.) Makes a cup of coffee. Checks time. (Not that we’re on time, of course. I think he just checks to make sure that it’s still the same day. Or maybe just to dig at me and my little time compulsion.) Okay — turn down the heat, put on coat, check that wallet and comb is in back pocket, comb hair, pick up coffee cup and finally, FINALLY out the door.

I am totally not kidding.

But there is just no way to be even slightly miffed about this.


Yesterday, while I was at work and he was home “puttering”, he was quietly preparing a surprise for me. A surprise that I wasn’t aware of until bedtime.

And get your mind out of the gutter!

He had taken the alarm clock apart, taken the plastic face off and colored the area where the light shines through showing the numbers with a red magic marker. Then replaced the lens of the clock, reset the time and alarm, and plugged it back in.

You see, I had complained the day before that the green light from the numbers lit up the whole bedroom when I was trying to sleep and I should probably look into buying a clock with red numbers.

my heart (Sigh)

Honey, you can make us as late as you like.

Told you it was sappy.  And also true.

Click the link. Enjoy the video.

Waitin’ on a Woman


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