The Incredible Disappearing Yarn Tail


As much as I love to knit, weaving in the ends when finished is just not my favorite part.  I can’t seem to finish off neatly enough to suit me and it irritates the daylights out of me!!  I am always quick to point out to my knitting friend Kim that you are the only one that will know where the booboos are, but of course I don’t listen to my own advice. You never know when the knitting police will jump out and examine your stitches!!

For that reason alone, I love to crochet. It’s just so much easier to deal with those pesky ends.

This is a way of working in the beginning yarn tail that I’ve used for years.  I’m sure others have found this also, I just haven’t stumbled across it on line.  I’ve never had a problem using it. It gives your work a nice clean beginning without a yarn end hanging there.

I start weaving after completing the first row. In this case I am working on a baby cap in a ripple pattern (crocheting in back loop only). I’ve already chained 1 and turned. This picture shows the end before I start. I always give the end a good tug to make sure it’s not loose.


At this point, I took my hook and put it through the back loop and then kind of wiggled it down through the single crochet vertical bar under the loop, then hooked the tail end and pulled it up through.


Now I’m ready to start crocheting the second row. I put my hook through the back loop and at the same time, lay the end across so that when I yarn over and pull through, I’m securing the end in the stitch.


I continue across the row in the same manner until I’m getting to the end of my tail. I give it a little tug to the left to make it a little longer (your work to the right will contract a little in response to that little tug), crochet a few more stitches, then I take the already worked end to the right and pull it back into the right length. Voila! The yarn disappears under all the single crochets that you’ve done and there’s no more end.



. . . on a steeck


What can you say about a ventriloquist that uses a jalapeno…….on a steeck?

It just boggles the mind!

Prepare to laugh………………

Are you ready for OMG cute?


I’ve had a very productive weekend. Friday evening I started a sweater for GrandDolly called Girls Cap Sleeved Spring Top. I have had this yarn forever, it seems like, and didn’t know what I would make with it. Then I found this great sweater tutorial.  (The pattern is here at Soulful Hues Hobbies & Random Thoughts.) I finished it tonight, blocked it and can’t wait to put it on GrandDolly tomorrow. Check this out!!


And this is the finished sweater on GrandDolly — loves to have her picture taken with her Pepe. When I put the sweater on her, she kept saying “Meme, for me??” like I’d never given her anything before!! Poor deprived GrandDolly!

Pepe and GrandDolly

Pepe and GrandDolly

Catching up — Part I


So, yeah, I haven’t added anything to this blog since December.  But don’t think that I’ve been laying on the sofa eating bonbons.  I have been knitting and sewing and crocheting up a storm!

This is my sewing/computer room — my very CLEAN and organized sewing/computer room. Clean as the proverbial whistle. Well, except for the cat in my yarn box under the table. Can you see the white paw?


I was going to post the before pictures but it was just too depressing to document. Suffice it to say that it was just impossible to find anything that I wanted. Not necessarily a fun thing to do, but it had to be done.

In my case at least, having a room so clean makes me just itch to do something!!19931

Shortly after the holidays, I received an email from Connecting Threads advertising Mama’s Cottons 2 Sampler fabrics. I tell ya, this fabric positively shrieked at me to buy it!!Yummy, yummy!  There haven’t been many times when I ran to get my credit card to buy something, but this was one of them. I didn’t even know what I would make with it, but figured I would hear another shriek when I found it.

As luck would have it, I stumbled across this .pdf file for burp cloths at the Michael Miller Fabrics website.


I also found a darling bib pattern on Etsy at jcasa and this was the result of that chance encounter. This is one really great bib pattern — doesn’t take long and cute as a bug’s ear. I’ve started trying freemotion quilting on them (which always scared the daylights out of me) and it’s working pretty well – of course it’s a small area to quilt, but it’s good practice.


This is how the bibs looked after washing and drying.  Just love that old quilty look!!


And this is just the first round.  The burp cloths and bibs are for my niece who is having another boy in April but there are plenty of pink, green and lavendar fabrics still left from the fat quarter package.  Darling Daughter is having another GrandDolly or a GrandWeeLad in September so perhaps I’ll be using those pink ones.  Or maybe not.  We won’t know until next month.

More later.

Sunday Scribblings – “I come from…”


I come from…

…the baby boomer generation. Born in 1954 to a mother that was practically a baby herself, my childhood was shaped by her fears and insecurities. They became my fears and insecurities.

…the early, mid and late sixties, where I learned that important leaders could be a target for hatred that would culminate in murder, that your childhood could be swept out from underneath you in a heartbeat, and men could walk on the moon.

…the seventies, where I learned to deal with death, believe that I was so insignificant that I had to turn myself into something that I wasn’t in order to be loved, became a mother, and started to realize that changes needed to be made because I couldn’t always duck a right hook.

…the eighties, where I started rebelling against the total control that he was trying to crush me with, started realizing that I couldn’t change him but that I could change me, and spent a lot of time in the self help section of the library.

…the nineties, where it finally all ended much more quietly than I ever would have believed, I became a single mother, started rebuilding my life and self-esteem, and became truly happy for the first time.

…and in this last decade, I find that I am lucky to be able to look back and see where I have come from, arriving in 2009 relatively unscathed.  I have learned along the way that in order to survive and be happy that you have to be able to forgive — but if total forgiveness is out of the question, I will at least forget as much as I can.