The Incredible Disappearing Yarn Tail


As much as I love to knit, weaving in the ends when finished is just not my favorite part.  I can’t seem to finish off neatly enough to suit me and it irritates the daylights out of me!!  I am always quick to point out to my knitting friend Kim that you are the only one that will know where the booboos are, but of course I don’t listen to my own advice. You never know when the knitting police will jump out and examine your stitches!!

For that reason alone, I love to crochet. It’s just so much easier to deal with those pesky ends.

This is a way of working in the beginning yarn tail that I’ve used for years.  I’m sure others have found this also, I just haven’t stumbled across it on line.  I’ve never had a problem using it. It gives your work a nice clean beginning without a yarn end hanging there.

I start weaving after completing the first row. In this case I am working on a baby cap in a ripple pattern (crocheting in back loop only). I’ve already chained 1 and turned. This picture shows the end before I start. I always give the end a good tug to make sure it’s not loose.


At this point, I took my hook and put it through the back loop and then kind of wiggled it down through the single crochet vertical bar under the loop, then hooked the tail end and pulled it up through.


Now I’m ready to start crocheting the second row. I put my hook through the back loop and at the same time, lay the end across so that when I yarn over and pull through, I’m securing the end in the stitch.


I continue across the row in the same manner until I’m getting to the end of my tail. I give it a little tug to the left to make it a little longer (your work to the right will contract a little in response to that little tug), crochet a few more stitches, then I take the already worked end to the right and pull it back into the right length. Voila! The yarn disappears under all the single crochets that you’ve done and there’s no more end.



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