Sunday Scribblings — #222 — Me


I was just looking at the last post that I created on this blog. March 23, 2009. Yup, that’s me. I throw myself wholeheartedly into something that will absolutely consume me until I’m burned out. I guess March 23, 2009 was my burnout date for blogging. For awhile.

My obsession after blogging was/is Facebook. Yes, I am definitely the obsessive sort, and have been farming/cooking/building my little heart out since March 24, 2009. I’m still on Facebook, but feeling like it’s running me instead of me running it. It’s time to move on or back, I can’t decide which it will be. But I can feel the burn coming.  Deleting my Facebook account is just a matter of time.

But obsessive is only part of me.  I can be kind (just not as often as I should) and as I age, I’m getting to be more tolerant of silly behavior.  Maybe tolerant isn’t the right word.  Let’s use the term uninterested and able to turn away.

I’m soft-hearted when it comes to Sweet Baboo and the grandbabies and all of our kids.

I still can’t tolerate stupidity, at least not stupidity that comes from the wrong choices. Asking me to feel sorry for somebody because they chose unwisely (grasshopper)  is more than I can take.

I’m a crafter, loving to create all things sewing, knitting, and crocheting.  Thankfully,  I’m not the perfectionist that I once was.  Living a quiet life as we do, it seems a shame to work yourself up into a lather about something so insignificant.

It’s funny that I can forecast that I will delete my FB account but it never occurred to me that I could delete my blog.

Maybe I’m not as obsessive as I think I am.  Maybe I just need a bit of distraction now and then.

I think it’s time to stop all the clicking nonsense on FB and get back to writing.

So that’s me — an obsessive, kind, tolerant, soft-hearted, non-perfectionist crafter that can’t handle ridiculous behavior and is tired of clicking on Facebook.  Oh yeah, and I like to write.

If you have a “me” story to tell, drop by Sunday Scribblings.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings — #222 — Me

  1. I am becoming obsessive about writing daily! It is becoming both my escape and my reality! But I like different writing topics and styles! I have just embarked on a little microfiction after creating zillions of haikus to complement photos and some smatterings of free verse! I find meme prompts are the best way to present variety in a blog! As for Facebook, I have never felt inclined to wander there!

    Enjoyed the insights in your post!

  2. Hi, Marcy – I also stopped blogging – my reason (excuse?) was that it was becoming a chore instead of a pleasure. The hiatus only lasted a couple of months, and now I’m back, and it’s fun again. Hoping it works that way for you too.

    • Marcy

      I think it’s probably a good idea to take a break when something like blogging isn’t fun anymore — it’s so ingrained in us to push, push, push, no matter that you’re miserable. Taking some time to re-examine and approach from a different direction was good for me.

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