Sunday Scribblings — #223 Video Prompt


I have been tossing this prompt around in my head since it was posted on Sunday Scribblings and I really feel that I’m no closer to choosing one amazing woman now than I was then.

So, to put a different spin on the prompt, I think I will chat about what I think makes a woman amazing.

Two of the gals that I work with are going to be participating in a triathlon this month. This is the second year that they are participating. They’re not hardcore athletes, but have encouraged each other and trained together and expect to have an amazing good time competing. And I admire that stick-to-it attitude that they both have.

Another woman I know has made a decision to not have children. She is happy with her husband and their life and doesn’t feel the need to add more people to the world. It makes me happy that when she talks of this decision, none of the other ladies that I work with question her about it. Women can be so amazing.

And there is still another lady that I work with that has a nasty case of rheumatoid arthritis.  It has progressed to the point that she can’t raise her arms above her shoulders. You will not hear any complaints about pain or her inability to do anything from her.  She keeps a positive attitude around her at all times.

There are also other ladies that I work with that have children, and husbands, and housework, and jobs, and manage to keep all of that in balance.  No small feat, to be sure.  As my friend says, you just have to do it because nobody else will do it for you.  A very down to earth way of looking at life from yet another amazing woman.

I think that anybody would be hard pressed to look at all of the women that they are acquainted with and not be able to see something amazing about them.  If you think there is nothing amazing about them, you’re just looking at the surface and not the real woman beneath.

I read once where somebody was saying what a fabulous dancer Fred Astaire was.  Absolutely, he was wonderful to watch.  But then it was pointed out that Ginger Rogers was every bit as good a dancer as Fred Astaire, and she had to do everything backwards, in heels and an evening gown.  Now that’s amazing!!

Write a few words about an amazing woman you know and leave your link at Sunday Scribblings.


One thought on “Sunday Scribblings — #223 Video Prompt

  1. You are right. We all have something special about us that is not visible at first meeting or even specific to gender. It is a special trait of yours to recognize this and look beneath the surface and beyond the exterior.

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