Sunday Scribblings #224 — Source


I thought I was going to have to take a pass on this prompt; literally, there was nothing that came to mind at all when I thought of the word source. Or should I say, so many things came to mind, it was difficult to write about just one.

And then this morning, around 9AM, it all became crystal clear to me.

There was a guy waiting at the front door this morning when I drove in.  No car, just a bike.  After booting up the computers and passing out the doc’s schedules to their exam rooms, I unlocked the front door.

(Me) Good morning, Mr. Patience!!  C’mon in — what can I do for you? (I notice that although it’s early, alcohol fumes and B.O. are emanating from him)

(Walk in guy) Hey I can’t see. I need to see a doctor.

(Me) Have we seen you here before? When was your last eye exam?

(Walk in guy) Nope, never been here. Never had an eye exam either.

(Me) Okay then.  (I quickly check the schedules) Dr. S comes in at 9:00, if you would like to come back at 9:10 you could be seen by her. Would that be good for you?

(WIG) Yeah that’s okay. (He then turns to walk out the door.)

(Me) Wait, I need you to fill out some paperwork for me but before that I need some initial info for the computer to put your appointment into it so that no one else takes your appointment slot.

(I get his name, DOB, SS# etc and put it into the computer. It turns out, he’s a homeless guy, living at a shelter down the street and is on Medicaid and food stamps.  My nice bucket is still full so I feel kind of bad for him.)

(Me) Alright, here’s the paperwork — if you would like to have a seat, you can fill it out here and if we can put you in sooner than 9:10, we will.

(WIG) Nope, can’t read or write, so I’ll take it back to the shelter and have one of those people do it for me.

(Me) Fine, I’ll see you at 9:10

By now it’s 8:05 and the office is starting to rock with patients coming in for exams, eyeglass adjustments, eyeglass pickups, etc.

At 8:30, the guy walks back in with his paperwork and a bag of pills for me to write down the names and dosing instructions to add to his paperwork.  The bag smells like somebody has peed on it.  So does he. Since it’s 8:30 and my nice bucket is still full, I take it and pull out the bottles and write down the info for him.

I hand the bag back to him and tell him that’s it’s just 8:30 and we won’t be able to see him until 9:10. He says yeah that’s okay.

I then wash my hands and disinfect the desk.

Meanwhile, the other tech’s are calling patients in to start pre-lims for their exams. He apparently can see well enough to notice this.

At 8:55, he shows back up again at the window and demands to know why everybody else has been called and he’s still sitting and waiting. What kind of a ^^$%%#$#%&* place are we running here anyway!!!

I remind him again that his appointment isn’t until 9:10, that the doctor that he will be seeing doesn’t get in until 9:00 and that the other patients are seeing other doctors.

He tells me that I should do something impossible and vulgar to myself,  and then calls me  a couple of nasty and rude names, then slams out the door mumbling and swinging his arms.

I think he must have forgotten to take his medication before he came over to the office.

This, therefore, is just one source of my unending frustration in dealing with the public.

And there’s a hole in my bucket, with all the nice pouring out of it.

Do you have a story to tell about the topic “source”? If so, drop by Sunday Scribblings.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #224 — Source

  1. I am challenged all the time to keep from dumping my nice bucket all over some people on the daily commuter train, so I totally get this ‘source’ for you. Ear plugs help me, but alas wouldn’t be a good help for you on the job. Nice writing. Thanks.

  2. Interesting..I enjoyed the way you presented this story. It kept my attention and I was wondering what would happen next. You seem to have the correct attitude to deal with these kind of people and I applaud you for that. nice writing

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