Florida Trip — April 2010


I passed these trees every day on my morning walk and they reminded me of the images in the Verizon TV commercials, so that’s what I named them in my mind.

A protected burrowing owl nest site — also on my morning walk — the little guy (gal?) is just to the left of the sign, guarding the nest opening.  Click on the pic to make it bigger so you can see him.    I was surprised that he didn’t bat an eyelash at me taking his picture.  As they are a “species of special concern”, these burrowing owl nests are protected all over south west Florida.  Their numbers are down because of the encroachment of urban development on their nesting sites (they have a high nest site fidelity)

These owls have a tendency to stand on just one leg — I’m not sure if that’s what this little guy is doing, but every time I saw him he was on just one leg.  He was about 8 to 9″ tall.

Peek-a-boo!!  I tried to find out where the people that had these critters in their yard bought them so that I could get some for our pool area, but they were never home to ask!! They were just so darn cute!!  😦

Some more members of the peek-a-boo family.

This is what the beach at Sanibel Island looks like — not much sand, but TONS of shells.  We spent a good couple of hours picking through the shells, trying to find some unique ones.

Ed looking for shells — I wish we had had our swimsuits with us, the water was so nice and warm,  at least in comparison to New England!!!


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