SMS contest for Husqvarna s21 serger


Isn’t she a beauty?  I have ‘d the idea of owning a serger for a very, very long time.

I have to admit, I have very selfish reasons for hoping to win this giveaway.

My daughter, God love her, hasn’t got a crafty bone in her body.  That’s not to say that she doesn’t appreciate all of the “goodies” that I sew/knit/crochet/build for her, because she loves showing off all of her “made with love” items to her friends and relatives.

So even though the “crafting” gene has passed her over, the oldest GrandDolly seems to have caught it, as it sometimes does.  She’s only four, but loves to sit on my lap and put her hands on mine when I’m knitting or crocheting, or sits on my lap when I sew.

I have a Featherweight that will be hers one day, if she wants it.  It was my first sewing machine and I love it almost as dearly as I love her. I think it would be a perfect first sewing machine for her.

I have another regular sewing machine, a BabyLock A-Line, but I have always, always wanted a serger.  Unfortunately, from an economic standpoint, I could never afford it.

So I thought I’d enter this giveaway — and perhaps, if I win, I’ll be passing this serger on to my GrandDolly, too!!


Simple Woman’s Day Book — August 24th, 2010



Outside my Window … Damp, drizzly, dark — I’m hoping for some sunshine tomorrow or maybe the next day. After having practically no rain since July, we’ve had plenty just since this past Sunday.

I am thinking … about making a twirly skirt for my oldest GrandDolly — her birthday is September 6th and she just asked me yesterday if I could make her a twirly skirt. The fabric has been ordered and shipped and I can’t wait to get it!!

I am thankful for… our two beautiful GrandDollies and our so handsome GrandLad. We are so enjoying grandparenthood!!

From the kitchen … thinking about pasta and sauce for tomorrow night.

I am wearing … a favorite nightie — honest, I do get dressed now and then, I just happen to be dressed down every time I sit down to write in my Simple Woman’s Day Book.

I am reading … “Hissy Fit” by Mary Kay Andrews — I may have read it before but I enjoy her books very much.

I am hoping … for a beautiful weekend that I can enjoy while going to yard sales.

I am hearing … the water glugging down the rain eve pipe.

I am creating … more dishcloths, a bag for a friend, and drafting out cushion covers for our lounge chairs.

Around the house … didn’t get to the vacuuming this week, definitely need to do it this weekend

One of my favorite things … finding a great deal on vintage sheets at the Salvation Army

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week …. light housekeeping, weeding the flower beds, and once the “Twirly Skirt” fabric arrives, all else will take a back seat!!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

This is a picture taken from Sand Beach at Acadia National Park with lobster pots in the foreground

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Ever wondered who you write like?


I write like
Stephenie Meyer

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

There’s a site that I subscribe to called Make Use Of and one of the daily posts is called Cool Websites and Tools. Because I’m not a hardcore geek type person, alot of what they send each day doesn’t apply to me, but often enough,  a website that interests me will be suggested, like this one, I Write Like. The premise is that you paste in a post or letter or story and they will find similarities between your writing and a famous author.

But this was just the funniest thing — I popped in a post that I had written a year or two ago, and Stephenie Meyer is apparently who I write like.  Hmmmmm…..  And just who is Stephenie Meyer?  I had to Google her to find out!!  If anybody else out there has been living under a rock with me, she’s the author of the “Twilight” series of books, none of which I have even opened. Some of the ladies at work have gone gaga over “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” but I went through my vampire phase with Stephen King‘s “Salem’s Lot”  back in the ’80’s.  Speaks to you about my age, doesn’t it?

Psychologies — Tests that actually make sense


I’m sure that most people are aware of the “tests” that FB has on their site.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken one that actually made any sense.  Who cares what country song is the story of your life, anyway?

I found this site, Psychologies and the tests, although not perfect, actually sound like me.  For instance, this is what it revealed about my creative style.

Creativity is a release

For you, creativity is first and foremost a form of expression: it creates a special link between the internal and external worlds. It allows you to get a grasp of your powerful emotions, by moulding them into a physical form. In fact, the most important thing for you is to be able to release your emotions. You need to be able to touch them or look at them in concrete form, and to do that you have to find a way to make them come alive. This is how your desires and anxieties take shape. Keeping things bottled up creates a tension that can only be resolved once you have expressed how you feel. This means you have to be strong enough not to let yourself get swept away by chaotic impulses; if you turn your creative urges on everyday life — making a picnic, singing to the baby, choosing what to wear — you can express yourself while staying rooted in reality. Creativity is principally cathartic. It relieves a deep need, an almost primal, archaic impulse. For you, being creative is about having the power to give form to something you feel, to those deep personal issues that are often raw and disorganized. For these reasons you are usually attracted to art that demands physicality, that allows you to express what’s inside, and that unites spontaneity, strength, freedom, power and movement.

I admit, way too many words, but for me, creativity IS a release — I feel happy and calm if I’m sewing, knitting, crocheting or planning something. Or should I say, AFTER I’m done sewing, knitting, crocheting or planning a project.

Since that one turned out so well, I took “Are you sociable or solitary”, and this is what it came up with for me.

You are as sociable as much as you are solitary

Some days you feel ready to face the world, while on others you just can’t cope with the idea and hide away as if living in a fortress. Sometimes you’re sociable, while at other times you’re a loner — it depends how you feel and on the state of your personal and professional life. You’ve got self-belief and confidence in your own creative power, so you can be on your own without getting too fed up. You are also organized enough to be able to do what you like, when you like, and keep contact with interesting people. Above all, you know how to be alone without feeling lonely, or guilty, and this means that you can hang on to your inner life. You do this by always trying to discern whether a suggestion fits with what you feel like doing and with your personality. You are rational and you use your intuition. This allows you to externalize your emotions easily, and you can therefore be spontaneous. You are capable of giving a lot to others, being very understanding and good company to friends and you are also able to cope with solitude. It’s a good balance.

Again, it’s pretty much on the mark, depending on my mood. Some days I want to be with people, and other days I am content with my own company.  I guess that makes me a social butterfly with hermit tendencies!!!

Photohunt #227 — Numerical


1.4 miles, 2.2 kilometers. Yeah, we thought about climbing Cadillac Mountain Trail while at Acadia National Park for about 2 minutes. Do you see the arrow on the sign pointing due north! That’s pretty much the way the trail went, too!! Decided to go around the mountain and go up in the truck instead!



I get so annoyed every time I see this.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed how many companies have jumped  on the “hey look, my item is pink and that means that I am donating part of my profits to breast cancer research” wagon.  ( I always wonder what the percentage is that they actually donate.)  And  as you probably know, there will be a statement  and a pink ribbon on the item proclaiming this in plain sight.

This is just a pink clothing collection box.  But, the first time I saw it, which was from a distance, my reaction was “how cool!!  I didn’t know that clothing collection companies could donate too!!”  Which is exactly the reaction that they hope for.

So one day, I stopped and took a look at it. With my camera.

There is nothing on the box saying that any proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research.  There are no pink ribbons.  There is no “Save the Ta-Tas” sign. There is just a box painted Pepto Bismol pink, manipulating you into thinking that they are a breast cancer research supporter, so that you will drop more clothing off at this box than at others that are placed around town.  I wonder how many people have donated clothing thinking that it’s breast cancer research related. After all, for the past few years, if you see an item that is pink, it is breast cancer related.

I had a very strong urge to buy a couple of cans of spray paint and turn it into an orange or blue box.

I know that there is no law dictating what color clothing collection boxes should be painted.

But, man, I hate being manipulated.

The Simple Woman’s Day Book – August 17, 2010



Outside my Window … it’s dark outside but still warm and just a touch humid.

I am thinking … that deactivating my Facebook account was a magnificent thing that I did for myself.

I am thankful for…that I have a job and that my bills are paid. So many haven’t.

From the kitchen … The floor needs a bath — humid weather makes it sticky and the only thing that gets the stickiness out is to mop it. That really doesn’t make alot of sense, does it? The ‘fridge could also use a good scouring out.

I am wearing … comfortable jimjams and nothing on my feet.  I just love the summer!

I am reading … blogs mainly — looking for interesting tutorials to add to my ever growing list in Evernote!!!

I am hoping … for not much right now — I am content.

I am hearing … crickets and tree toads — very low decibels though.  They are tired from chirping all summer.

I am creating … dishcloths/facecloths.  Also have made pillow covers for a friend and have bought sheets to upcycle into cushion covers for my chaise lounges on the deck.  Can’t wait to start working on those!!!

Around the house … I am hearing Sweet Baboo clearing off the counters after our dinner — laughing at something being said on “The Office”.

One of my favorite things …  my Baby Lock Audry A-line sewing machine.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week …. Hope to have a very productive week at work because two of the three docs will be out most of the week.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

A beautiful pond reflecting the beautiful mountains in Acadia National Park

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