A bit of knitting for the GrandDolly


Josie has been asking me for a new hat and scarf, but they had to be blue and they couldn’t be itchy. This is what I made based on her specifications.

Pretty cute don’t you think?  I used S R Kertzer Northern Chunky acrylic yarn — Josie proclaimed it comfortable!! The pattern is “Baby Rollin’ Beret” by Wooly Wormhead and is extremely easy.

And to match the beret, I whipped up this keyhole scarf from “Off Jumps Jack”, also a very easy pattern and in the same yarn as the beret.  I tried to get a picture of Josie wearing it — perhaps the phrase “like nailing jello to a tree” gives you an idea of how that went!!

And finally, here is a diaper cover (soaker) that I made for Jillie girl.  This can be made with any worsted weight wool yarn, as long as it doesn’t say superwash — it won’t be absorbent at all if you use that.  I tried to get a picture of this too — refer to jello comment above again.  The pattern is a freebie from Tiny Bird Organics and is very simple to knit — it’s knitted all in one piece and then you sew up the sides and add the  ruffles, which by the way are just way too cute.


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