Six days in Acadia National Park — First Day


I thought that I would do a little travelogue type thingy — mostly for myself so that if anybody ever asks me if I’ve ever been to Acadia, I can say yes and then whip out this post with the details.  And if anybody else wants to read it, they’re welcome to it.

We left home (North east Connecticut) about 5:00 in the morning on July 25th.  Since I had spent most of the previous evening packing (yeah, yeah I know) I was not the most wide awake little squirrel at 3:30 AM, which was the time the alarm went off.

As you can imagine, traffic is very light that early in the day.  We took 395 N. to 290 E., to 495 N., to 95 N., then got off in the Freeport area (with a quick detour to Bean’s) and got on Rt 1.

Rt 1 is a fabulous ride.  Besides the gorgeous  views, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.   It’s rare that you find a house that doesn’t have a sign out front advertising some sort of service — linens, furniture, pies, antiques, fishing buoys, wicker, handcrafts, rock shops — one guy was doing  a brisk business in wooden lawn ornaments, fishing tackle, and deer antlers!! As you would expect, inns, B & B’s, motels and cottages also seemed to be doing well, with all of them well-kept, painted and decorated.

All of this advertising seems to be working, because we saw very few For Sale signs in front of houses — we did see a lot of land real estate signs, but that’s to be expected.

Okay, I’m yammering…..

We were staying at Blackwoods Campground, which is just off Rt 3 in Otter Creek, just a few miles past Bar Harbor.  We arrived late afternoon, checked in and found our campsite.

We were camped on Loop B at site #46.  Nice enough site, but there were a couple of things.  All of the sites in the campground are covered with crushed stone. Not kidding. There will be no walking barefoot in this campground!!  Do yourself a favor if you tent at Blackwoods — bring a pair of flip-flops to put on when you are inside your tent so that you don’t step on any sharp rocks that are underfoot. You will be SO glad you did.

There are these huge rocks that they have “sprinkled” around the campsite so that you can’t drive in too far with your vehicle.  Take care walking around after dark — they’re very easy to trip over.

Another thing — after taking a bike ride and checking out other campsites, we decided that it wasn’t just our site that sloped downhill, but most of them — not a huge amount but enough that you can be off-balance if you’re not careful.   As you can see from the picture, we have little sand chairs that we usually use when camping, but if we had turned them another quarter of a turn, we probably would have flipped backwards when we sat down because of the decline.

The bathrooms are super clean — there are no paper towels or air dryers, which I’m sure contributes to the park being able to keep them neat.

There are no shower facilities within the campground — however, if you take a right out of the park onto Rt 3, there is a 24 hour shower house (10 or so showers) that will cost you $2.o0 for 4 minutes.  If you plan it right, it can be done.

You have to do your dishes at your campsite and then take your used water down to the bathrooms, where there is an area where you can dump it.

The trash and recycling items are emptied daily, so there is no odor that may attract animals.

Dogs on leashes are allowed and I’m assuming that you must have proof of up to date inoculations.

If you have any questions about Blackwoods Campground and what they have to offer, click here.

Before we turned in for the night, we took a quick spin down through the campground and crossed Loop Road to take a look at the ocean — literally five minutes from our site to the ocean and we were one of the sites farthest from it!!

Tomorrow — carriage roads!!


One thought on “Six days in Acadia National Park — First Day

  1. Found your post at the Acadia NP Community – I’ve often wondered what Blackwoods is like, thanks – seems very popular – would love to see the photos (you can post them at the AcadiaNP community. ( We camp up at Acadia every year and love the hiking and cycling trails.

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