Six Days in Acadia National Park — Third Day


Would it surprise you if I said that, after riding quite a bit the day before,  I woke up very stiff and sore?  I was definitely feeling my age on the third morning.  Being not in the best of moods, the crows were very clever to stay out of our trees.

Oh well, nothing a good breakfast and a Celebrex couldn’t handle, right?  Within an hour I was ready to grab some more carriage road mileage.

Boy, would I every regret uttering those words!!

This is Sweet Baboo, doing a pretty good impression of Matthew McConaughey.  I love the mini-waterfalls that are scattered here and there. I was very curious if the water was potable, it looked to be very cold and refreshing, but I couldn’t work up the courage to taste it.

And this is me, still in my good mood.  Just before it got bad. I’m sitting on one of the coping stones that line the roads. Check out that bad hair. Camping does not lend itself easily to good hair days.

We had once again loaded up the truck with bikes and cooler, and this time we accessed the carriage roads from the parking area above Upper Hadlock Pond.  This route goes downhill for quite a ways, before (of course) starting to incline.  We met a really nice guy and his daughter at an intersection below Aunt Betty Pond and he warned us that the way that they just came from, it was all downhill.  That’s uphill for us of course.  We looked at each other, thought how hard could it be? And then we hopped on the bikes and kept on going. Uphill.

I thought that our route was 3 or so miles. Ignorance is bliss.  I checked it with a map marker and it works out to more like 7 3/4 miles. And pretty much, as I remember it, it was uphill for 7 miles and downhill for the 3/4.   And if I had looked at a map, I would have turned around right then, because there were switchbacks on the map.  And you know what switchbacks mean, right?  Very steep incline!!!

This is me pouting — and whining — I think this was at one of the switchbacks that I mentioned before.  Or very close to it.

And this is Sweet Baboo’s “for crying out loud, shut up already” stance. But doesn’t he have the greatest hair? I should be so lucky……

So, instead of bike riding, I  “bike pushed” for most of the route. Every time we got to a turn or hill summit, I would hope desperately for a down slope.  Not to be. At least anytime soon.

But we finally got to the top and when we did, this is what we saw.

I think this is Somer’s Sound in the foreground and Echo Lake in the distance, with Long Pond beyond that. Gotta say, it was almost worth pushing my bike for all that way.

But it was so much better coasting down the other side.

Wow — 7 3/4 miles — no wonder I was so hungry when we got back down!!

Needless to say, we crashed early that night!!


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