mindbump suggested by Home Interest

“What smells remind you of your childhood and why.

Apples and cinnamon — Nanny would make apple betty during the winter. Grandpa’s sweet smelling pipe tobacco — don’t smell it much any more, but it takes me back when I do. Burning leaves in the fall. They all make me feel safe and loved.

Fresh cut hay, chopped corn fermenting into silage, a dairy barn full of cows waiting to be milked, the sweet smell of a haymow in the heat of a summer. These smells remind me of the freedom a child of the 60’s would have during summer vacation.

Breathing in the incredible smell of a brand new school book, sniffing those purple mimeographed sheets that the teachers handed out, the exhaust of a school bus, the indescribable smell of school after summer vacation. These smells provided structure for me.

My grandmother’s perfume — “Here’s My Heart” by Avon. I haven’t actually smelled it in years but I can conjure up what it smells like in my memory.


One thought on “Mindbump

  1. Glenda your Sissy

    I remember all those things and more…..remember Nanny’s cold cream she used every night on her face and neck? I have no idea what the name of it was, but occasionally when I’m around old ladies, I can smell it again! She and Gramdpa were our life savers………….

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